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Why Self-Assessment is important

A self-assessment is a tool which is designed to enable you to look at various aspects of your business, quickly delve into what you’re doing and pick out areas that are working well, as well as areas where improvements can be made. Here at Industry Forum, we believe that this type of benchmarking is crucial when it comes to continuously adapting and improving procedures.

Our experts from various sectors provide manufacturers with end-to-end business capability assessments. This expertise allows us to work with you to provide the detail required to better your business processes. Our specialist consultancy team use their knowledge and skills in international manufacturing standards to look at your self-assessment results and suggest where tangible improvements can be made. Industry Forum benefits from being solution-agnostic, meaning we aren’t tied to any one solution or methodology and are able to provide the best advice and guidance for your challenges. 

Industry Forum knows first-hand that it pays to take a step back and look at how processes are managed within your business. That’s why we have developed a number of new self-assessment tools to help manufacturers begin to ask the right questions to processes and teams.

Our self-assessments take between 3-10 minutes to complete. Once submitted, the team here at Industry Forum supply you with a tailored report detailing where improvements could be made.

Industry Forum's Self-Assessment Tools

Our range of self-assessment tools can be used to benchmark your business’ procedures and processes. Depending on which business process you’re working on, you will find a full list of our available tools below:

There are always ways in which business processes and procedures can be improved. Benchmarking is a tool that should be used continuously to see constant improvement and taking a small amount of time out of your day to fill in one of these self-assessments could make a huge difference to your company. The team at Industry Forum is ready and waiting to assist in providing you with a way forward with your challenges. 

Need more detail? Why not consider our Business Performance Assessments? Choose from either a one, two or three day business performance review with one of our expert team. The output is a clear report detailing where your challenges and opportunities lie, augmented with the priorities of your customer. This allows leadership to make a clear and achievable plan for future growth.

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