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Manufacturing Operations is where people, processes and equipment come together to add value to material and produce goods for sale.

In a world where supply outstrips demand for many products, an organisation’s manufacturing system can be a significant differentiator in its ability to become globally competitive across the recognised dimensions of quality, cost, delivery, flexibility, product innovation and customer experience.

Ensuring that you have the right processes in place across your manufacturing operations can provide significant benefits to your ability to satisfy customer demand, your ability to bring new products to market and your ability to apply improvements and new technologies to your manufacturing operations.

If you are one of many manufacturers who are increasing automation within your factory then TPM is essential in maintaining the efficiency of this equipment whilst demand for shorter lead times and smaller batches means that lean manufacturing techniques remain as relevant now as they were when first developed by Toyota many decades ago.

Industry Forum has over twenty years’ worth of manufacturing operations experience, helping companies create manufacturing systems designed to meet their competitive challenges – get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you achieve your operational goals with our Manufacturing Consultancy services.

Within Manufacturing Operations we focus on:

Manufacturing Operational challenges and how can we help?

Topic Examples Benefits Approach

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Focused Improvement
  • Early Management
  • Quality Maintenance
  • Cost Deployment
  • Elimination of equipment deterioration and increased employee involvement
  • Elimination of major equipment losses
  • Skill development
  • Vertical start-up of new equipment
  • Improved equipment capability and process control
  • Product cost reduction
  • Practical workshops and shopfloor implementation
  • TPM Diagnostic
  • Monodzukuri skill training
  • JIPM Assessment preparation
  • Consultancy support
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Lean Manufacturing

  • Layout improvement – One piece flow cell design
  • Kanban systems
  • Changeover reduction (SMED)
  • Mistake-proofing (Poka-Yoke)
  • Line balance
  • Production levelling (Heijunka)
  • Reduced leadtimes, improved delivery
  • Reduced inventory
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved quality
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Improved flexibility and reduced leadtimes
  • Practical Masterclass and shopfloor implementation
  • Lean Diagnostic
  • Consultancy support
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Six Sigma

  • Green Belt and Black Belt projects to improve quality and reduce variation
  • Defect elimination
  • Process capability improvements
  • Enhanced process control
  • Green Belt/Black Belt training and project facilitation
  • Consultancy support
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Manufacturing Leadership Development

  • Team Leader/Supervisor development
  • Effective team leaders
  • Enhanced shopfloor teamwork
  • Practical workshops and shopfloor implementation
  • Team Leader Assessment
  • Facilitation and coaching
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Industry Forum can provide a range of improvement solutions across your organisation’s entire manufacturing operations.  We don’t offer one single standard solution, instead we get to know your organisation, your people and the environment within which you operate before working with you to find an approach that is tailored to your requirements, meeting your specific needs and addressing your most pressing challenges.

Whether it’s Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Leadership, Six Sigma or Total Productive Maintenance, Industry Forum can provide you with a range of expertise to support initiatives from large manufacturing improvement programmes across a multi-site organisation to single projects in an individual plant. Industry Forum has a proven record of helping manufacturers of all sizes achieve their operational goals.

From design right through to implementation we pride ourselves on our ability to transfer the necessary skills to your people and to ensure that you benefit from tangible and sustainable improvements to your business.

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