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Last updated: 16th December 2022

The SMMT Ltd Group is not legally obliged to report the Gender pay gap because the Group (and each individual subsidiary) has fewer than 250 employees.

SMMT has the following processes and procedures in place to help ensure that salary and reward is fair and accessible to all, regardless of gender and to try and ensure we have no gender pay gap:

  •  We encourage career development across genders and seniority levels of the organisation
    through in house and external training and development.

  • We reward staff fairly within a pay band system linked to independently benchmarked job grades that provides equitable progression for all staff with policies in place that support gender equality. Annual salary reviews are based on individual performance and position within the pay band.

  • Our recruitment and selection procedure aims to ensure that the most suitable candidate is chosen for the job, and that all applicants receive fair and equitable treatment during the recruitment and selection process. This also extends to looking at where and how we can best attract the most diverse pool of candidates. If we employ recruitment agencies, they too are expected to comply with our diversity, equity and inclusion policies.

  • We operate under a hybrid working policy which allows flexibility in that up to half of working
    time may be worked remotely.

  • We support requests for flexible working and have a good mix of full time and part time colleagues.

  • We run regular training on aspects of our equal opportunities and diversity policies to ensure
    that they remain part of everyday operations.
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