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With more than 25 years experience of working with global brands, from BMW and Aston Martin to Boeing, Phillips and Carlsberg, we are the experts in delivering constructive manufacturing consultancy across the automotive and aerospace sectors and beyond.

Our primary focus is to enable clients to enhance their competitiveness and stand out from the crowd in these challenging times, offering innovative products and services fit for the next generation with impressive turnaround times.

We have more than 150 specialists who have delivered over 400 bespoke consultancy programmes to more than 25,000 people across 30 countries.

Industry Forum is approved and certified by the relevant international trade bodies and we are best placed to offer objective advice, strategy and training, ranging from board room consultancy to shop floor implementation. We are very experienced in up-skilling the workforce via coaching and mentoring, recognising that people are often the differential between a company that merely survives and one that thrives and grows.

Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges

It’s vital to ensure that your company is efficiently manufacturing goods that meet demand on quality, cost, delivery, flexibility, product innovation and customer experience.

Having spent time at your organisation to fully understand the entirety of your personnel, processes and environments, Industry Forum consultants will devise the most relevant and appropriate solutions to enable your business to achieve and often exceed its manufacturing goals. 

We provide fully resourced support at the implementation stage and are on hand until all parties are content with the changes made, carrying out a business capability assessment and ensuring international manufacturing sector standards are met.

Industry Forum can identify and address any issues within your manufacturing process that are impeding your ability to improve, so you can then utilise the latest technology to bring new products to market.

TPM is essential in maintaining the efficiency of automated equipment while lean manufacturing techniques are crucial in pushing for shorter lead times and smaller batches. 

Target Areas

Our manufacturing consultant specialists focus on providing in depth support across several key areas which often contain room for improvement.

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