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We have a great range of AIAG publications available for you to purchase. The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) are a collection of industry professionals who work together to streamline the various industry processes. These include everything from educating clients on the basics such as the automotive core tools needed for an effective management system to the importance of cybersecurity when dealing with your suppliers. They have collaborated and created an entire range of resources for those businesses who are wanting to take the next step to improve their business performance and capabilities. In this catalogue, you can find everything from industry guidelines to assessments to better your business processes. Whether you’re looking to discover the best practices that you can apply to your supply chain or you need to look further into your problem-solving capabilities – we have an extensive range of AIAG publications to help you gain that competitive advantage. We are a licenced distributor for AIAG, VDA GMC and IATF.

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